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Get started with OpsChain

Navigating change management across various platforms in your organisation can be a daunting task. That's where OpsChain comes in - offering a comprehensive solution to simplify, monitor, and control change in your organisation. OpsChain is built to effortlessly integrate with on-premise, cloud, modern, and legacy systems, focusing on unifying people, processes, and technology.

To begin, you'll require access to an OpsChain API server, either installed locally or accessible through your network. Alternatively, you can explore OpsChain with our SaaS-like version, allowing you to experience the platform without installing a server instance.

Our getting started guide offers a detailed walkthrough to kick-start your OpsChain journey, including:

  • installing the OpsChain server
  • installing & configuring the OpsChain CLI
  • exploring OpsChain & core concepts
  • setting up a simple change
  • advanced examples & additional resources

Get ready to revolutionise your change management process with OpsChain today!