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Adapts to your needs


Tool agnostic - freedom to choose

Let your teams choose their own tools and deliver changes the way you want, with no friction. Whether you prefer to work with popular DevOps tools, use in-house tools, or want to experiment with something new; you have the choice.

OpsChain is not prescriptive on how it must be used. You may prefer a light wrapper or require complex scripting around your tools; you have the choice.


Intelligent and powerful workflows

Design flexible and versatile workflows with OpsChain's property & secrets frameworks. Store and manage critical configuration, environment variables, and files, and leverage them in your workflow to control the steps. OpsChain maintains a complete version history of properties and secrets so you can trust the values used by each workflow.


Custom metadata support

Capture your critical metadata with every change. For example, you can store the change request details, who approved it, why it was approved etc. Ultimately, capture the data as you see fit based on the policies and standards of your organisation.

Once captured, you can always refer back and understand the reasons why by searching across all of your workflows to identify related changes based on the metadata.


Powerful DSL & SDK

OpsChain provides a powerful domain specific language (DSL) built on the expressiveness of Ruby, enabling you to describe workflows in a simple and intuitive way. For more complex use cases, a full Ruby SDK provides the flexibility to achieve whatever you need.


Initiate workflows your way

Initiate your DevOps workflows entirely how you see fit. Enjoy the ability to choose the most efficient and effective method for your specific workflow requirements, including via the command line, API, automated schedule or automated based upon Git commits.



Out of the box plugins are available for popular tools like Terraform and Kubernetes. OpsChain plugins are lightweight, leveraging native technology vendor SDKs for maximum efficiency. If your preferred tools are not yet supported, no worries - OpsChain is easily extensible and can be tailored to your specific needs.


Cross-platform command line interface

Regardless of what platform you're using, OpsChain offers a consistent and easy-to-use CLI experience that is simple and efficient across Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.



Users can also access OpsChain via their web browser, providing a convenient and user friendly way to interact with the system.