Why OpsChain?

OpsChain is an orchestration and change automation platform based in GitOps principles with a core objective to unify change. Connect, automate, and orchestrate people, processes, and tools across your on-premise and cloud platforms.

Change is HARD and COMPLEX

The move towards distributed systems and microservices requires a different approach for how change is managed across organisations.

Advancements in modern technologies - such as cloud and containerisation platforms, microservice-based modern applications, and agile operational processes - are impacting the way organisation deliver and manage change:

… all with the objective to simplify change!

The move from large-scale monolithic systems to distributed microservice-based systems has resulted in an exponential increase in the volume of changes required to run and operate an organisation’s core systems and platforms.

graph showing that moving from fewer large changes to many small changes reduces complexity

Organisations are adopting modern technologies and platforms with the objective of simplifying their change and lowering their costs.

repeat of the change/complexity graph showing that reducing complexity reduces cost (desired outcome)

However, like most things in modern enterprises, nothing is ever that simple.

graph showing complexity of stitching together common tools required to deliver change in modern enterprises

Compromise on the above items often leads to higher average cost per change and higher overall cost of change!

repeat of the change/complexity graph showing that reducing complexity reduces cost (observed outcome)

OpsChain was developed to address the problem of managing change in a consistent and uniform way across on-premise, cloud, modern, and legacy platforms. Our objective is to unify people, process, and technology in order to simplify and reduce the operational complexities and costs of running and operating modern enterprise applications and systems in today’s world.

What is OpsChain?

OpsChain unifies your ability to deliver change by bringing all your existing tools, people, and processes together in a single GitOps-based workflow — providing a single place to track change and configuration across your platforms and environments.

infographic showing OpsChain concentric circles

Simplify and unify change across all your environments and tools

infographic showing GitOps operator using OpsChain

Observability and control

infographic showing observability

Cloud-native microservice-based platform

OpsChain is built with a modern microservices architecture and cloud-native technologies

infographic showing kubernetes containers for OpsChain components

Pluggable platform

OpsChain is a complete pluggable platform and aims at providing a frictionless platform for delivering change using your tools the way you want, whilst delivering unified view of state of change across your portfolio.

Use the tools you want to deliver the changes the way you want them. Plugins out of the box for common tools such as Terraform, Kubernetes, and Ansible, and common cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

infographic showing OpsChain pluggability

OpsChain plugins are lightweight and leverage native SDKs provided by each of the vendors.

No plugins available for your tools? No problem!

Simply add your own OpsChain plugin and wrap your own tools in a way that makes sense for you.


OpsChain is an API-first platform. APIs are available for all core capabilities provided by the platform, providing the ability to easily integrate OpsChain into your overall ecosystem.

OpsChain API documentation screenshot

A powerful command-line interface (CLI) is available to interact with the OpsChain platform to manage your changes, environments, and projects.

OpsChain CLI change show command output

Want to learn more?

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