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Ansible + OpsChain

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Streamline your configuration management workflow

Ansible is a popular tool for configuration management, allowing you to automate and manage the configuration of your infrastructure. This works well by itself, however when your infrastructure grows and becomes more complex, managing changes to your configuration can become challenging.

OpsChain allows you to leverage Ansible so you can streamline change management for your configuration and ensure consistency and uniformity in your delivery pipeline.

With OpsChain, you can:

  • run multiple playbooks
  • achieve consistency and avoid human error
  • track state and gain transparency to see what changes have occurred and by whom
  • ensure compliance with your organisation's change management policies
  • monitor the status of your Ansible changes in real-time
  • have a GUI front-end to Ansible

OpsChain adds immense value to the Ansible experience. With its robust management capabilities, you can have complete confidence in your Ansible changes and the integrity of your configuration. Moreover, by seamlessly integrating with other tools such as cloud providers and containerization platforms, OpsChain simplifies the delivery pipeline to an unprecedented level, elevating the overall efficiency of your workflow.