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31 March 2023


web gui

We're excited to announce that OpsChain will have a new GUI that is web browser based! This feature means that users can now access and use OpsChain from any web browser, making it more convenient and accessible than ever before.

The new GUI allows authenticated users to easily:

  • view the list of changes that have occurred and their status
  • view scheduled automated changes and when they are to occur
  • view commit dependent change rules
  • filter changes based upon a project and or environment
  • view in real time the running change and associated change steps
  • search across changes based upon key attributes such as metadata, status, action, user, Git remote, Git commit SHA
  • access the change log

Note, the GUI functionality is in addition to the existing core CLI and API access methods.

We hope this new interface will make your experience with OpsChain even better.