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12 June 2023

Web GUI: New functionality for projects & environments

We remain steadfast in our commitment to enhance the OpsChain Web GUI. Building on its existing strengths, we've incorporated additional features that enhance both its utility and user experience.

Authorised users can now:

  • manage projects: Create new projects with ease and view details of existing ones, including properties, settings and any associated environments.

  • manage environments: Create new environments and also view the details of existing environments, including properties, settings, and changes. It's now straightforward to easily see changes that have been executed and their status.

  • manage properties & settings: Set or adjust properties and settings for both projects and environments.

  • create changes: Easily initiate changes directly from the GUI. This eliminates the need to use the CLI for change creation. Making the overall experience more streamlined and easier for GUI users.

We're continually evolving, so expect more from us soon. As always, your feedback is invaluable. Should you have suggestions or insights regarding these updates, please reach out.