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7 June 2023

Human approvals

human approvals

We're stoked to unveil another new feature for OpsChain: Human approvals. This addition to our already comprehensive DevOps platform allows you to integrate manual approvals seamlessly into your workflows. This ensures that crucial changes are not just automated but also pass through necessary human oversight and validation for ultimate control.

OpsChain's human approvals necessitate that the user endorsing a change is a member of the specified LDAP group. This guarantees appropriate access and permissions in decision-making, thus fortifying the security, reliability and integrity of your operations.

This feature also offers the flexibility to specify the approval requirement at a project or environment level. For instance, you may wish to expedite changes in your development environment without necessitating approval, while demanding obligatory approval for your production environment.

Enlist your key decision-makers and stakeholders to actively partake in your DevOps workflows. By doing so, you'll experience advantages such as:

  • improved change control and compliance
  • streamlined collaboration and communication
  • easier oversight and auditable accountability

Stay tuned for further announcements as we plan to add further capabilities in the future.

Real time error notifications


We understand that staying informed about the status of your workflow is crucial to maintaining smooth operations. To keep you better informed, OpsChain now offers real time error notifications when a change encounters an issue. With this feature, you can:

  • receive real-time notifications via email or other numerous channels including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and many more
  • actively respond to issues and minimise the impact of errors and disruptions to your operations

Additionally, notifications can assist you to improve your change management processes by helping you identify recurring errors and addressing their root causes.