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OpsChain helps ensure the auditability of the entire change management process with its ability to capture metadata, logs, and other key information about each change. OpsChain provides a complete version history of the change process, making it easy to track changes over time and see who made what changes. This helps you meet regulatory compliance requirements and demonstrate due diligence.



OpsChain provides robust security measures to protect sensitive information and data, including LDAP group access controls. With these controls, you can ensure that only authorised users can execute workflows against specific projects and environments.


Human approvals

Introduce human approvals into your DevOps workflows allowing for human intervention and review before proceeding, ensuring that sensitive changes are thoroughly reviewed and approved before being executed.

Allow your key decision makers and stakeholders to actively participate in your DevOps workflows.


Secrets management

OpsChain offers secure access to secrets across your DevOps workflows. This is achieved via integration with Hashicorp Vault and Kubernetes Secrets to manage secrets and protect sensitive data. This helps ensure secure and controlled access to secrets while ensuring governance and compliance.


Reliable changes & tracebility

With OpsChain, you can ensure consistency across your DevOps workflows and maintain full traceability from start to finish. All change output is captured in OpsChain's centralised log store and if required can be forwarded in real-time to external systems for security analysis or long term storage.